Earnings & Content Promotion

Earnings Payout

When you post on Data Junkie you can earn up to $20 per article based on ad revenue earned by your post. At the beginning of each month, if your earnings are $100 or more, you will be paid out via your PayPal email address configured in your profile.

Content Promotion

To increase your earnings, it is encouraged to share your content via every social media outlet at your disposal. Posts are also automatically sent out to subscribers of the mailing list, featured on the front page, and sent out via the site’s social media profiles.

Do not spam your articles all over the web, it’s okay to post them on social media but not okay to just randomly email everyone your content (for example).


Your articles will earn 50% of ad revenue up to $20 per post. Ads are served through Google Adsense which tends to pay out very well.

Do not ask people to click ads on your posts, this is a big no-no and could get your account suspended. Do not click your own ads either. Data Junkie follows trends to determine whether the system is being abused, and we will catch you. 🙂